About Us

The ... Old Muskoka Lakers ...  is made up of Hockey Players from the 65 Shinny Hockey in Bracebridge.
​In 55 / 65 Shinny Hockey there is a code of Conduct / Behavior that we follow ... this sets the tone for a positive experience for all of our players ... regardless of skill and talent.

​Hockey for us is an opportunity to exercise ... act like a kid ...​ and display good sportsmanship.

We organized our first Annual Hockey Tournament in 2012 and it keeps getting better every year.
​We are very proud of the fact ... that for the past three years we have been able to donate  $1000 each year
​to a local charity... from our Tournament proceeds.

"Watch your Thoughts, for they become Words
 Watch your Words, for they become Actions
​ Watch your Actions, for they become Habits 
​ Watch your Habits, for they become Character
​ Watch your Character, for they become your Destiny"
​ ... Anonymous
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"Laugh when you can
​ Apologize when you should
​ and let go of what you can't change 
 Life's too short to be anything ... 
​ but Happy"

​ ... Anonymous